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Handcrafted to intrinsically blend with your body’s chemistry, our organic essences radiate a unique fragrance specific to you. Our oil essences are more than an enhancement of your senses – they are the beginning of a newfound sense of self. Experience where Ambre Blends will take you; the path; destination; the discovery.


Seductive. Confident. Unique. Discover Ambre Blends.

Ambre Blends is an independent, women-owned business, in Indianapolis Indiana, which has been producing high-quality, organic body products since 2001. Ambre Blends products are available in five delicate, all-natural essences and are worn by both women and men. All of our products are made by hand with 100% pure and natural vegan ingredients from all over the world.

Ambre Blends puts a lot of thought and energy into our product packaging in an effort to be green and conscious about our environment. We design all of our packaging to be minimal, simplistic and made from clean materials so that our products can ‘speak for themselves’. All of our packaging is recyclable and some packaging is made from already recycled materials. Some of our packaging is even biodegradable! For example, our 10ml oil essence roll-ons can be refilled from our 30ml oils which is both ecologically and economically minded. Ambre Blends also strives to “support the home team” by purchasing our packaging from USA vendors and always looking to source new packaging from local, regional and US based companies. Overall, Ambre Blends looks to be consciously minded when selecting packaging to reflect our company’s focus on organic, all-natural and environmentally-kind products.