New Years Resolution Reset

New Years Resolution Reset

Welcome to the first post of 2019! It’s crazy to even write that - time really flies.
Today’s blog is all about New Year’s Resolutions – setting them, keeping them, and being flexible with them. Resolutions are a very popular tradition that many people partake in, but end up forgetting about them and have a hard time staying motivated to follow through. Gym memberships are a great example. The amount of people in the gym during January is crazy – then it goes back to normal in February.
It’s about that time when resolutions start fizzling out – and that’s totally okay, it happens. We can take this opportunity to recognize where we are in our journey and either keep going or adjust them to where we are at and want to be going forward.


Many people just go big or go home with their resolutions – exercise more, eat healthier, spend less, love more, etc. They set very high expectations, which is good, but fail to follow through because of the generality of them. How does one gage if they are exercising more or spending less? What is this all in comparison to? 
When setting resolutions, it’s important to be specific and make plans to implement change. I believe a trustworthy rule of thumb is that if your resolution has the words “more” or “less”, it needs some tweaking. It’s good to want that to do more or less, but what steps will you take to do that?
If you want to spend less money, you can limit yourself to a certain amount of visits to the mall, start a budget, and actually monitor yourself. If you want to eat healthier, define healthy for yourself. Does it mean no snacking, more vegetables, no processed sugar, or all of the above? Whatever that is for you, define exactly what you mean and make a plan.


Sometimes making plans can even be hard to stick with. It’s easy to tell yourself “I’ll start next week” or “Just this one time”. Hold yourself accountable to your resolutions by letting friends and family in on it. Telling other people about your goals has this crazy effect on your motivation – you don’t want them to know that you’ve been slacking! You can text / call them to talk about how the week went or they can contact you and remind you to stay on top of it. There are so many fun and different ways for your loved ones to help keep you motivated.
With that being said, don’t be too hard on yourself. Make a resolution that is realistic and something you truly want for yourself. These goals are about bettering your wellness in the long run – you should never hate yourself because of it. Make sure your goals make you happy and will be something you enjoy doing it. It’s okay to have hiccups along the way – this is a long term life change, not a one month instant change.


Life happens and we change. That’s just a fact. Learning to be flexible with your resolutions is important because things need to be adjusted from time to time. When the New Year comes around, people automatically think “New year, new me”, but we could be saying that every day. That’s the beauty of life, a new year doesn’t mean that’s the only time to set resolutions.
Don’t get too attached to one specific one resolution for the next 365 days. New goals arise, your outlook on life changes, sometimes your actual life is flipped around – stuff happens throughout the entirety of a year. So take your New Year’s resolution day by day and adjust when needed. Life is not about getting to the end, it’s about living and enjoying every day for the purpose of being the best you that you can be. Let’s enjoy the journey!
I hope this post can help some of you guys with your resolutions! Comment down below what your resolutions are!
Yours truly,
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